Guidelines to Maintain Your Windshield 

Windshields are intended to stand between you and the weather, bugs, and wind. Moreover, it can also help stop the roof of your vehicle from collapsing if ever there will be accidents. Though you might fail to observe it much, this transparent shield is needed for your motor vehicle’s safe operation. Since auto glass replacement near me can be both an expense or a bother, we have come up with 5 tips to help your windshields functional, strong, and clean. 


Immediately repair cracks and chips 

Know that the most serious kind of windshield damage that needs to be attended to right away is crack that is more than 6 in. long or once it reaches your windshield’s edges, which usually touches the frames of your vehicle. However, in reality, all kinds of car glass damage must be repaired immediately. 

Make sure your washer fluid is full 

 Always see to it that your washer fluid reservoir is filled for your windshield wipers to wipe away any sort of debris that can be seen on your windshield. Wipers can operate without cleaning fluid can scrape dirt into the glass.  

Keep your glass clean 

Once you have dirty windshields, your wipers must work double-time for it to be cleaned. In this case, it can potentially result in a torn rubber and faster wear, which can eventually subject metal that scrapes the glass. As much as possible, give your windshield the TLC that it deserves by gently scrubbing it in your own driveway with windshields that are manufacturer-approved or by just simply taking it to your carwash. 

Utilize a plastic ice scraper 

At times, car owners will utilize a metal scraper to remove ice from their vehicles every winter season. This must be prevented at all costs. You want to keep any forms of metal away from your windshields. Because of this, you might be required to have your wipers replaced before the rubber comes off. So, you should change any metal scraper with a plastic one to secure your auto glass.  

Change your wipers 

Most of the time, your windshield wipers touch your auto glass. Due to this, it is vital that you regularly inspect them for signs of rusting and peeling rubber. A lot of manufacturers would suggest their clients have their windshield changed every 6 months. Always make sure to check them over every 3 months or whenever you change your oil. Once you see can observe wear and tear, invest in, and set up a new set of auto glass right away to prevent your windshield from being scraped off.  

Knowing that all of these issues require to be taken action right away, it’s always to have a trusted technician that can help you out in fixing any windshield issue that you can encounter. If ever you are still looking for one, you can always contact us and book for a windshield repair or installation service today. Our expert technicians would be glad to help you out. 

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